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Teton County School District Recreation District

Teton County School District No.1 Recreation District funds are available because of a recreation mill levy on the county. A maximum of 1 mill may be levied on taxpayers at the discretion of the TCSD Board Trustees. This is made possible by an act of the legislature and action taken by the Teton County School District Board of Trustees. The TCSD Recreation District is a legally separate entity that is fiscally dependent on the TCSD School District and Board. The TCSDRD Board is comprised of three (3) school board trustees and two (2) at large community members.  The community members are appointed by the school board.


Current TCSDRD Board Members:
  • Bill Scarlett, Chairman
  • Vacant, Vice Chair
  • Paul D'Amours, Secretary
  • Kate Mead, Treasurer
  • Betsy Carlin
 Important Information:


The Teton County Recreation District is currently accepting applications for volunteers for the Rec District Board.  The application deadline is 4:00pm Wednesday, September 25, 2019.  Applications may be hand delivered to TCSD #1 District Office at 1235 Gregory Lane or sent via email to Andrea Dombroski at adombroski@tcsd.org.   You may obtain a copy of the application form here.


2018-2019 Final Report (click link)
Organizations that received funding in 2018-2019 must complete the 2018-2019 final report is required prior to completing the 2019-2020 grant application.

2019-2020 Grant Application (click link)
Organizations seeking funding for the 2019-2020 school year must submit an application through the online portal by March 15th.

2019-2020 Grant Application Timeline

March 15- Applications due 
March 19- Review of applications completed and mill levy request to TCSD #1 Board of Trustees
April 10- TCSD #1 Board of Trustees consideration of mill levy
May 15- Awards Announced during meeting, 1pm District Office, 1235 Gregory Lane
June 22- Notify Teton County Assessor of mill levy



Late applications will be deferred to the next funding cycle except in unusual, unexpected circumstances

Purpose:  To provide resources to maintain present facilities and programs, to develop future facilities and programs that provides recreational value for the students and community.

The TCSD Recreation District Board will categorize, review and prioritize proposals based on the following:

  1. Support construction and maintenance (routine and major) of facilities and grounds in TCSD #1 that are recreational in nature.
  2. Support block grants to TCSD #1 to support recreational programs and activities.
  3. Support special projects in TCSD #1 that are recreational in nature.
  4. Support recreational proposals submitted by community organizations within Teton County, Wyoming.



For TCSD #1 Special Projects and Community Recreation Grant Fund

  1. All projects must be recreational in nature.  Grants will be considered for co-curricular, extra curricular and academic programs that include a recreational component.   
  1. Private and public agencies may be funded once per twelve-month period.  Grants will be for the fiscal year July 1-June 30.  The Board expects that funds will be used within the funding period in which they were granted.
  1. Non-School-District organizations are defined as those with federal tax identification numbers. Non-School-District organizations will be required to include their federal tax identification number to qualify for funding.
  1. Equipment necessary to initiate or enhance a program will be considered.  Applications must justify expenditures for equipment.
  1. All grant applications which could potentially impact structures or grounds of the Teton County School District, including electrical, plumbing and HVAC, must be reviewed by the TCSD #1 Maintenance Department prior to applications are considered by the Recreation District Board.  Applications will not be considered without approval, and will be returned.
  1. Final reports are required for all completed projects and are required to maintain eligibility for future funding.  If you have received funding from a previous cycle, include the final project/status report with your application.
  1. If a project has not been completed by the end of the funding cycle, a status report is to be submitted; however, the Board expects that funds will be used within the funding period for which they were granted.
  1. Travel expenses will be limited to event registration, transportation, lodging and meals.
  1. Travel expenses will be allowed for a limited number of chaperones as approved through the grant application process. Chaperones should be justified within the application and must be at least twenty-one (21) years old.
  1. The TCSDRD Board recommends that TCSDRD funding not be used for paying wages unless absolutely necessary. Travel, supplies & materials, equipment, and capital needs are preferred use of funds.

11.  All programs or teams must have a Code of Conduct and Drug/Alcohol policy if participants are under the age of 21.  Attach a copy to the application.


The following additional guidelines and procedures pertain to grants which are monitored by Teton County School District:


  1. In the event that wages are required:
  1. Only those hours which are outside the non-TCSDRD employee’s regular work day and are beyond the scope of their regular duties may be claimed and paid by TCSDRD funds. (For example: Elementary programs would be paid for hours prior to 8:00 a.m. and after 4:00 p.m.; Junior/Senior High programs would be paid for hours prior to 7:20 a.m. and after 3:20 p.m.) 
  1. TCSD employees participating in TCSDRD funded projects must submit time sheets monthly. Time sheets are to be signed by a supervisor or building principal, and include the program name and/or number, rate of pay, and indicated as to the employee being certified or classified.  Note:  Incomplete time sheets will be returned.
  1. Expenses for travel will be paid under the following circumstances:
  1. For qualifying State and National activities:
    1. Up to 100% for each team participant and coach/chaperone.
  1. Expenses only will be covered for qualifying State and National out of town activity trips.
  1. TCSDRD grants which are monitored by TCSD must adhere to all school district purchasing procedures.
  1. Amended budgets with explanations for the changes must be submitted prior to making any changes in the grant expenditures previously approved.  Amendments are subject to approval.




  1. A grant will be allocated to each school at a funding level to be decided by the TCSDRD Trustees. 
  1. Schools collaborating to provide a joint program may apply for additional funding as a partnership. 
  1. Grants will be for the fiscal year July 1-June 30.
  1. Principals must submit a comprehensive application and budget showing the projects they intend to implement and fund with TCSDRD funds. The school principal is responsible for making sure the funding is appropriately applied to meet the goals of TCSDRD.
  1. The Principal is required to submit a final status report on all projects funded under the school grant demonstrating that the projects met the requirements and purpose of TCSDRD.
  1. Elementary programs will be required to adhere to all the policies and procedures set forth above.


By submitting this Application for TCSDRD Recreation Project, the Applicant hereby agrees that if this Application is granted, Applicant will indemnify Teton County School District #1 (“TCSD#1”) and Teton County School District No. Recreation District (“TCSDRD”) and hold TCSD#1 and TCSDRD harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, liability and expense in connection with loss of life, personal injury or damage to property occurring as a result of or during activities funded by TCSDRD, or arising out of or relating to Applicant’s use of TCSDRD or TCSD#1 funds or facilities under this Application, or arising out of or in any way contributed to by the acts or failure to act of Applicant or its agents, employees, officers, or assigns.

In case TCSD#1 or TCSDRD shall be made a party to any litigation commenced by or against Applicant, or its agents, licensees, business invitees, concessionaires, contractors, customers, or employees, Applicant shall protect and hold TCSD#1 and TCSDRD harmless and shall pay all costs, expenses and reasonable attorneys' fees incurred or paid by TCSD#1 and TCSDRD in connection with such litigation.

Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to excuse Teton County School District #1 from the duties owed others, including Applicant, under the applicable law and its students, nor shall the indemnity granted be deemed to apply to any claim, loss, or damage which is due to the negligent acts of Teton County School District #1.




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