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Contact Information:

Mike Hansen - JHHS/JHMS Activities Director -

Jason Huggins - JHHS/JHMS Assistant Activities Director - 

Cyndi Sutton - JHHS Activities Secretary - 307-732-3704

Travel Information:

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Academic Eligibility Grade Check Dates 2022 2023:

January 11, February 8, March 8, March 22, April 19, May 17

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Safety Information

Concussion Mitigation - TCSD asks athletes to take a concussion baseline test through ImPact testing.  If we suspect a student has a head injury we put them through the post injury test and refer to physician if we suspect a head injury occurred.  If you need a copy of your students concussion baseline test contact Mike Hansen at 

For WHSAA concussion insurance please click HERE and see the heading for concussion insurance forms.  

Lightning Protocol - the activities department uses an app called lightning tracker that notifies the department if there is lightning within 20 miles.  Per WHSAA guidelines if lightning is within 6 miles then practice/events should be suspended.  The activities office will coordinate a shelter as needed if practice/events are postponed

Air Quality Protocol - Per guidelines from the MHSAA TCSD will continue to hold practices if the air quality is listed as moderate or below and look to modify or move practices if it is unhealthy for sensitive groups.  If it moves to unhealthy, we will practice indoors or do only very light walkthrough stuff outdoors.  HERE is a link to the guidelines from the MHSAA.  HERE is a link to the current air quality at William T McIntosh Stadium.  The chart doesn't match the monitor with regard to numbers but does match with regard to the color code ratings.  Please contact Mike Hansen with any questions.

Travel Protocol - When road conditions are listed as closed or No Unnecessary Travel on the Wyo Roads website HERE we do not send our activities trips on those roads. We monitor those events often for days ahead of time if possible to make the best choices in order to ensure safety for all those traveling.  Even if the conditions do not say closed or No Unnecessary Travel we sometimes cancel trips due to weather that may come in after we leave and close roads or cause them to be listed as No Unnecessary Travel.

Fundraising - Please download this helpful guide with tips on fundraising. To donate to a specific club or team, simply go to Fund for Public Education’s DONATE NOW page. 100% of all donations go to the designated club or team.  All checks should be written to “Fund for Public Education”, the nonprofit fundraising partner for TCSD#1 schools, clubs and activities. 

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