District News

TCSD to Offer New Program Next Year

Starting in the 2019-2020 school year, Jackson Hole High School 9th grade, Jackson Hole Middle School 6th grade and Munger Mountain Elementary 4th grade will begin offering a program called AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination).  At the secondary level the program will be fairly small for the first year, starting with just one elective class in the 6th and 9th grades.  At the elementary level all 4th grade students will participate.

AVID is research based and is used by schools and districts throughout the country.  It provides middle school and high school students the skills needed to be successful in college such as how to study strategically, take notes properly, and to be ready to choose classes that will assist them in college.  At the elementary level, students develop the skills and academic habits at a young age that will carry them through middle school, high school, and college including how to study strategically, take notes properly, and to be ready to choose classes that will assist them in college.  All 6th and 9th grade students will be exposed to AVID strategies through their core content classes, and a smaller group of students will be invited to apply for participation in an AVID elective class.


Colter to Hold Annual Art Parade

On Friday, May 31st, at 2:10pm Colter Elementary will feature its Annual Colter Elementary Art Parades.  

All kindergarten through fifth grade students will be in the parade. This is an opportunity for Colter students to share their artwork with their classmates, family and friends.  On parade will be a variety of artwork from paper mache masks to fish kites to head pieces.

Families are invited to join us.  We are looking forward to celebrating the arts as a community!


Legally Blonde- The Musical

Jackson Hole High School Drama poster for Legally Blonde

TCSD Names Teacher and Staff of the Year


Teacher of the Year, Sheena Dhamsania and Staff of the Year, Joyce Sawczuk

TCSD #1 named Sheena Dhamsania as its 2019 Teacher of the Year and  Joyce Sawczuk as its Staff Person of the Year.

Nominated by her peers, a selection committee selected Ms. Dhamsania from a total of six  teacher nominees to represent the TCSD #1 teaching staff in the Wyoming Teacher of the Year program.  Sheena is a music teacher at Wilson Elementary School. She has been teaching at

TCSD for the last six years.  The other nominees were Seth Fetters, Meredith Huggins, Jennifer Kelley, Julie Lindstrom, and Libby Woods.

The district honored Joyce Sawczuk as the Staff of the Year.  There were a total of seven Staff of the Year nominees representing several schools and the operational services areas of transportation and custodial.  Ms. Sawczuk is retiring at the end of this year year, having served Jackson Hole Middle School for 15 years. The other nominees for this honor include Visenta Dallas, Jeannette Fairbanks, Ian Fowden, Lell Kristen, Martin Murphy, and Mary Tisi.