Substitute Teachers / Support Staff

Substitute Teacher Notifications:  Week of April 15-19, 2019

First Aid/CPR Certification:
Need to renew or get certified in First Aid/CPR?
Esther Ellis, Wilson Elementary School Nurse, is offering an opportunity on Tuesday, April 16th 3:30-5:30 pm (part face-to-face & part online). If interested, contact asap for details and to reserve your spot! *A cost for the online portion of the certification.

Substitute Teacher Gathering:
Who:  TCSD #1 Substitutes (actively subbing or not!)
What:  "Check In" Session 
When:  Wednesday, April 17th  (4:00 - 4:45 pm)
Where: TCSD #1 District Office Board Room
Why:  Meet 'n greet, share positive experiences/concerns, ask questions, suggest future training topics/ideas, and glean tips for successful subbing from others in attendance.

If you haven't done so already using previous emails from Jan Segerstrom, please click on SUBSTITUTE CHECK-IN Survey to indicate whether you can/cannot attend the April 17th gathering. 

*NOTE:  This brief gathering is NOT required...just an opportunity for substitutes to learn from each other. No CEU credit or payment for attending. 

Substitute Work Information

The work of a substitute teacher is invaluable to Teton County Schools by ensuring that classroom routines as well as day-to-day operations can continue seamlessly as if the employee was there.  Substitutes also allow for the District's instructional staff to attend professional development opportunities where collaboration of ideas and best teaching practices can occur.

Contact Info:  TCSD #1 Substitute Coordinator

Brianne Huggins
District Cell: 307.413.5579
District Office:  307.733.2704  ext. 9520




Links to Substitute Resources

Substitute Employment Options:

To become a Wyoming Certified Substitute who fills in when certified teachers are absent, carefully review the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board Website (click PTSB) to gain better understanding of the process and requirements for becoming a Wyoming certified substitute teacher.  Requirements include successful completion of the U.S. and Wyoming Constitution test as well as fingerprinting.
In addition to the Wyoming PTSB Application requirements, TCSD #1 requires successful completion of paperwork, fingerprinting, and participation in a substitute induction program prior to working as a substitute in Teton County Schools.
The pay for certified substitute teachers is $80.00 for half-day and $160.00 for full-day.

TCSD #1 uses non-certified substitutes to fill in for classified/paraprofessional staff such as secretaries and paras when absent. Because Wyoming PTSB substitute certification is not necessary for classified/paraprofessional staff in Teton County Schools, non-certified substitutes may begin work immediately upon successful completion of TCSD #1 paperwork, fingerprinting, and substitute induction program. The pay for non-certified substitutes is $14.98 an hour.    

Substitute Pay 
Non Certified:
Hourly rate = $14.98. (maximum 8-hour day)
Short term rates:
Half day (8:00 am -12:00 pm) plus lunch = $80 
Full day (8:00 am - 4:00 pm) = $160 
Long term rate is $250.00 per day (8am-4pm)

Contact Info:  TCSD #1 Substitute Induction Program

Jan Segerstrom, Special Projects
District Cell: 307.699-7760 
District Office:  307.733.2704


Substitute Teacher Induction Program

In order to be fully "cleared" for subbing in Teton County Schools, all substitutes, certified or non-certified, are required to participate in a comprehensive Substitute Teacher Induction Program that has two components: Substitute Orientation (Half Day - 2.5 hours) AND Tour of Schools (Full Day - 8 hours)

NOTE:  Most substitute applicants participate in the Substitute Teacher Induction Program while they are waiting for Wyoming PTSB to approve their applications (4-6 weeks for permit delivery.