Blended Learning Initiative

CSD Blended Learning Technology Initiative for Staff


Device Insurance is Available for Staff

If you were issued 1:1 devices (Apple MacBook Air and iPad Air 2) you are eligible to purchase device insurance from Safeware. The insurance application deadline has past, however it will reopen November 6-10.  

This insurance provdes coverage in excess of that provided by warranties, and protects you from adverse events such as loss, damage or theft. This is optional, but does provide extra coverage. Click here to view the enrollment flyer and instructions.

Blended Learning Initiative Support Site

Please click here to acces the 1:1 Learning Initiative support site. This is a TCSD resource deeveloped by Diane Woodard and the Teaching & Learning Dept. to help teachers gain knowledge and skills about our new technology and how to put it to use in the classroom. 

Welcome to the TCSD Technology Initiative!

In December, the Board of Trustees approved moving forward with Phase I of a 1:1 initiative for our district.  The initiative will be implemented in a phased approach to make the process as low stress as possible and to meet budget considerations.  Phase I of the implementation will begin shortly after the first of the new year and will include providing K-12 instructional faculty a 13 inch MacBook Air (laptop) and an iPad Air II.

Note- distribution of student devices will be part of Phase II and will occur in the fall of 2016. The details of student deployment will be finalized and updated through the next semester and may occur in more than one phase.

Phase 1 also includes professional learning to support teachers based on their level of experience and familiarity with Apple devices (scheduled for February 5, 2016) in order to learn about these devices, get comfortable with, and begin to see instructional implications for students. In conjunction with this, over time we will operate on an iOS platform district-wide.  This transition will allow us to continue to use Google Apps for Education and provide a continuous K-12 operating system for our students and school district. Classroom spaces will be adapted in order for the devices to wirelessly project for whole class viewing.  Smart Boards and Promethean Boards that still function will remain in place.  The launch of a 1:1 will not mean that everything we do will be completed on devices, nor will it mean that all books and texts will be offered digitally.  Appropriate balance will be maintained to ensure that our students have opportunities to advance academiclly using the best tools as resources.

I realize you will have many questions moving forward regarding this shift.  We recognize that and will maintain on-going communications about professional learning opportunities, addressing logistical questions and concerns, purchasing of devices, and launching the 1:1 in each of our schools.  This is an exciting opportunity to meet our digital native students where they are, support their learning in a rapidly changing technology landscape, and help them  excel in this digital age.